Welcome to Open Networkers Alliance

The ONA ~ Open Networkers Alliance, began on Linkedin in March of 2009. It started as a group of six individual group owners that came together to unite Open Networking around a List Service.
These individuals quickly sought to bring their groups together to form a single solution to reaching open networkers throughout the world. This initiative acheived the immediate success of the "Count Me In" List, which has been since been renamed to the ONA List, Open Networkers Alliance List.  

The ONA works to expand the barriers as we search for ways to bring other Open Networkers throughout the world together.  We have dedicated ourselves to the pure principals of Open Networking on an equal basis, where everyone benefits.  
Open Networkers are Open Minded Individuals, people that make choices based on values and principles. The value that one persons network brings to one another is the principle behind Open Networking and making new connections.

Please feel free to add the text "ONA" to your Linkedin profile.
Feel free to join the Open Networkers Alliance List service.  Downloading the Invite List from Open Networkers Alliance is easy, and most of all is FREE.  Immediately realise the power of open networking when you expand you network with a few simple clicks.
Alternatively, join as a paid member and add yourself to the download list and reap the benefits of receiving invitations and expanding your network.